API standard metal seal rings

API standard metal seal rings

Extensive product offering, local inventory and support

Freudenberg Oil & Gas Technologies is a global provider of innovative sealing solutions and products to the upstream oil and gas industry. We provide a full range of solutions that include elastomeric seals, engineered thermoplastic seals, metal seal rings and high integrity connector solutions for demanding offshore and subsea applications.

Through our facilities in Norway, formally known as Vestpak, we provide manufacturing and project engineering, sales and service support for all Freudenberg Oil & Gas product lines. Additionally, we provide Norwegian operators local inventory support of standard industry ring joints and gaskets.


  • Ring Joint

    A ring joint gasket is a metal gasket used in conditions involving very high temperatures and/or pressures.

    The RTJ gasket is manufactured according to ASME B 16.20 standards and API spec 6A. Carefully controlling the hardness ensures an effective seal without damaging the flange.

    Ring joint gaskets are always used in combination with a special flange that ensures a good seal when the correct material and profile has been chosen.

    Product Range & Materials

  • Spiral Wound Gaskets (SPW)

    Spiral-Wound gaskets consist of a V-shaped metallic strip that is spirally wound in combination with a soft filler material.

    The metal strip provides the basic structural element, while the filler material provides an excellent seal. This combination of materials means that spiral-wound gaskets may be used under fluctuating temperature and pressure conditions. Depending on the intended application, spiral-wound gaskets may be specified with or without an outer and inner ring.

    • Graphite is usually used as a filler material. 
    • Other materials are only used if graphite contaminates
    • the media or is not chemically resistant.

  • Pressuretest gasket VPTG

    Vestpak in co-operation with several operators in the North Sea have designed a gasket for pressure testing.The reason behind this exercise was to develope a good alternative to Ring Type Joints currently used in testing.

    This gasket is ingeniously designed for pressure testing with ZERO bolt torque. The gasket which has only been a dream of engineers worldwide is now a reality with the launch of the Vestpak TG-RTJ and TG-Compact.

    Developed to save valuable time, the fitting of this gasket is simplicity itself. The all round metallic contact with the flanges ensures a perfect seal without bolt torque. And it is tested by Veritas up to 1375 bar.

    The gasket is fitted instead of the normal R, RX, BX or compact ring. The soft seal fits into the RTJ groove, exactly centralized by the integral guide ring. The handle of the gasket facilitates the installation and remains in place to give a visible indication that a test gasket is installed.


    • Dramatically reduces installation and de-installation times
    • No requirements for bolt torque equipment
    • No damage to bolts
    • No damage to flanges
    • Can be re-used several times
    • Self-centering design
    • Cannot be installed incorrectly
    • Cannot be over-tightened
    • System verified by "Veritas"

  • IX-rings for compact flanges

    The IX-rings are designed and used where the NORSOK CFC (Compact Flange Connections) are in use. The rings come in three different kinds of steel and are coated with PTFE in varying colours in order to distinguish between them. Standard identification NORSOK STANDARD L-005 (NCF5).

    All markings should be on the inside of the ring.

    IX-Seals Product Range

  • Metal Jacketed gaskets (MJ)

    Metal jacketed gaskets (either double jacketed or single jacketed) are comprise of a soft filler material encapsulated by metal.

    The filler material ensures elastic rebound, while the metal jacket provides the actual seal. It also protects the filler material from pressure, fluctuating temperatures and corrosion. Several types of material are available for making the best seal under specific conditions.

    MJ gaskets are traditionally used for heat exchangers, pumps and valves. The elastic rebound and reusability of these gaskets is limited. They require machined flange surfaces and high bolt torque to provide an effective seal.

  • Kamprofile Gasket

    The Kamprofile Gasket is the most versatile gasket available today, being specified increasingly.

    Its unique properties prove themselves under the most difficult conditions. The gasket is comprised of a precision-machined radially grooved metal core face on either side with a range of traditional sealing materials (Graphite, PTFE etc.).


    • Due to the rigid design they are easy to handle and adapt.
    • The gasket can prolong the usability of damaged or rotaded flanges.
    • It cannot normally be supercharged.
    • The gasket retains a positive seal under unstable temperatures and impact stress.
    • The radial grooves enhance the performance of traditional sealing materials by concentrating the sealing force. The sealing layers are compressed into the radial grooves setting up forces that react against the flange surface and minimise lateral flow. With this system, the total bolt loading is concentrated on the sealing layers and not dissipated.
    • Kamprofile gaskets are generally reusable, which means you don't need to keep large numbers in stock. It also means that you don't need to halt production while waiting for a new supply of gaskets.
    • When the gasket is to be reused, the metal cores are cleaned and inspected. Only the sealing layers need to be replaced after a system overhaul.
  • Downloads

Available downloads:

  • Spiral Wound Gaskets - Product Range

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  • IX Seals - Product Range

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  • Ring Joints - Product Range

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